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Like A Fresco

May 26, 2007

Though your name suggests
A matte hue like a beige wall
You’re a vibrant paint


May 21, 2007

Storm chasing at home
Localized bathtub weather
A drain tornado


May 20, 2007

Perhaps the worst mint
To find in a restaurant
Is a vile varmint

The Gymnast

May 19, 2007

Although built to win
Alpha Ben placed second in
In Acrobotics


May 18, 2007

Without a watch on
I feel cut adrift in time
And a bit naked


May 17, 2007

We’re in the same boat
Good thing it’s a hovercraft
Saved by the cushion


May 16, 2007

I’ve been betrayed by
The Eggs Benedict Arnold
Oh, food poisoning


May 15, 2007

The film needs edits
It’s celluloid is so fat
It has cellulite


May 14, 2007

A vulgar number?
“Four” is a four-letter word
Did I blow your mind?

Devoted Duvet

May 13, 2007

The comforter is
A friend to all the linens
Warms them in cold times

Slow As Silt

May 12, 2007

As sedendary
As sediment settled on
The soil of the sea

Red Curtains

May 11, 2007

Cook surreal steak with
The David Lynch cooking show:
“Fire Wok With Meat”

Car Wash

May 10, 2007

I care for my ride
By washing, waxing, and then
Buffing the subway

Cheap Monster Makeup II

May 9, 2007

Pet a shedding cat
The excess fur will make you
Look like a werewolf


May 8, 2007

He used a pen name
So his book would appear to
Be by Accident


May 7, 2007

A lone ant explores
To conquer like a little
Vasco da Gama


May 6, 2007

When a brooding Goth
Slips on a banana peel
It’s melancomic


May 5, 2007

Being ornery
Is the most decorative
Way to be grouchy

Body Art

May 4, 2007

The trend is to get
Geographic cheek tattoos
Places on faces


May 3, 2007

My last Google search:
“Ant bites” plus “large colony”
Plus “takeover plans”